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Girls Just Want to Be Part Of 
Sparkle Club

Being part of something sure feels great. Being part of Sparkle Club is like nothing else. 
Sparkle Club is designed for southern girls like me and you. We love our bling baseball cap and Sparkle t- shirts... We just love to put sparkles on everything. Now that is true Sparkle Club spirit. Join the club to receive
Free goodie every month. It's like Christmas every 30 days. You're thinking sign me up, right? But wait we have more bonus for Sparkle Girls, you'll also receive Free Club Voucher every visit. It could be Free Neck Heat therapy. It could be paraffin treatment. It could be $ off... and it always fun. 
Now it's your time to say SIGN ME UP

Let's Join The Tribe TODAY
Look like a Million Bucks
Feel like a Million Bucks


Why not?
Let's be honest here, we can never have too much of sparkles. Why not be part of Sparkle Girls tribe to receive monthly goodie, Free salon vouchers, Free Specialty drink every visit. And more than anything Sparkle Girls are just the coolest girls in town. 
Join the tribe for only $10/month
Sparkle All The Way
Can't Wait To See You


Do I have to sign a contract?
No contract, month to month, no strings attached. We are condent that you will love your membership. However, should you decide to discontinue, simply provide us a 30-day notice to and it will be stopped.
How am I charged for the membership?
It works like a gym membership. To simplify the process and make your experience hassle-free, we set up automatic payment on your credit card. Non refundable. Non transferable. Prices do not include tax

Can I combine other offers with my membership discount?
No, you cannot combine discounts. However, you WILL always get the BEST VALUE.

Can I let someone else use it?
No, you cannot let someone else use your membership. Your membership perks assign to you only
What will happen if i cancel my membership?
Your credit card is charged on the 1st of every month, it is valid for the full calendar month. If you cancel in the middle of the month, you will still receive the full benefit until the end of that month.
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